EUCLIDE Solution

EUCLIDE Solution is the BU specialized in precision machining and boiler making, enabling to develop its activities in many areas such as industrial maintenance and turnkey mechanicals tools, capital goods, aeronautics and space, defense, energy, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, environment and railway

Our company help its customers in various stages of their project life: from the analysis of the needs, through the manufacture (of prototype parts, small series and mechanical assemblies) to the installation and onsite maintenance.

To answers to all the needs and requirements of the targeted markets, EUCLIDE Solution relies on competent and specialized technical teams that cultivate the improvement of their processes. These business skills are recognized and accredited by our multiple certifications.

Our investment strategy deployed every year in buildings, equipment and production capabilities (machining, welding, painting, handling, on-site intervention equipment) consolidates the technicality of our offer.

Skills and services

Design and industrialization

EUCLIDE Solution develops a double expertise in engineering and manufacturing. From design to integration, we offer turnkey solutions for major customers in all industrial areas and advanced technologies.

EUCLIDE Solution produces precision welded assemblies and parts, metal sheet works and industrial equipment, from prototypes to units or small series.
With its design department, this business unit can be a co-development partner integrating computations and virtual 3D rendering.

The continuously updated versions of our CADM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) software provide all the necessary interfaces for the processing of engineering and industrialization of special machines that can integrate electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic power and devices.
The field teams take all the measures on customers’ sites. The engineering department designs their projects on the Solidworks software and makes calculation of all critical elements: material resistance, deformations or dimensioning.

EUCLIDE Solution designs, manufactures, integrates and controls.


Our machining capability is implemented by optimization software such as 5-axis continuous trochoidal milling. We also handle precision machining of hard metals, of very tight geometries (0.2 mm). Precision grinding (including on hard Chrome), 4-axis turning, wire and sinking erosion, are all technologies that make our workshops a fully integrated manufacturing complex.
We manufacture tools and industrial equipment out of steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

EUCLIDE Solution teams have welding skills for all these materials. We expand our offer on every project with our internal IWT (International Welding Technology).

Material worked on

Our machine fleet and engineering allow us to work on all types of materials such as aluminum, titanium, Inconel, invar, copper alloys, chrome, hardened steel up to 62 HRC.

Our boiler-making and welding processes also allow us to process steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Finishing, control and traceability

Our air-conditioned metrology room and qualified teams assemble complex capital goods and control them on 3D measuring tables. We are Cofrend II certified for our NDT, visual and penetrant controls. We rely on the expertise of external providers for tracker control and load tests (static and dynamic tests).

Our experienced team ensure the finishing and assembly of your products. They intervene during the kick-off phase. We can also qualify stamping cutting tools before delivery, on our IMV 200 tons test press.

EUCLIDE Solution also supports the organization of exceptional transport and handling services with its field teams. It handles the commissioning of products/machines on customer sites.

Our expertise



Mallevialle plant, machining specialist

It is grouping the last generation machining tools for 3 and 5-axis milling, 4-axis turning, EDM and grinding (profile and deep reach), making possible to realize complex & high precision mechanical assemblies.

Our mechanical know-how is also well known in the field of production tools such as elastomer and composite molds, pultrusion dies, cutting/stamping tools.

Quatre Vents plant, the welding specialist

It is the industrial boiler making of the EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE group.

Its strategy revolves around the development of continuous training and the qualification of its teams to the boiler and welding processes, in order to diversify into complex and demanding products for many sectors of activity.

We are partnering with our customers, providing turnkey solutions from the design phase, manufacturing to on-site integration of industrial equipment and tools.

Production focuses on boiler manufacturing and special weldings, workshops utilities and manages a building dedicated to the manufacturing of remarkable parts.

Our ressources

  • 2 manufacturing sites
  • 5000 m² of workshops
  • 20t in lifting capacity
  • On-site intervention vans
  • ERP Sylob
  • CADM SolidWorks and TopSolid V7
  • An HR policy that promotes learning, training and loyalty improvement of our employees

Passion for Performance

  • Organization into transversal project teams
  • Co-engineering capacity
  • Reactivity of document deliverables
  • FAI, industrial validation file, PPAP work
  • Continuous improvement of quality and timeliness at the service of our customers
  • Committed CSR approach

Exceptional Quality - in the heart of our work

Our quality, safety and environmental approach


  • Development of new projects
  • Listening to customer needs
  • Satisfaction of client documentation requirements
  • Monitoring ofour suppliers
  • Process validation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Control
  • Metrology


  • Risk analysis
  • Prevention
  • Protection of persons


  • Management of hazardous products
  • Environmental protection
  • Waste sorting

Our deliverables

  • Calcul
  • Gestion soudage
  • Certificats matière
  • Certificat TS
  • Certificat TTH
  • Formulaires CCE ou d’origine
  • Rapport de contrôles
  • Déclaration de conformité
  • Certificat REACH
  • Certificat ROHS
  • Documents FAI

Mastery of our processes

Order review Industrialization review 1st piece control Production control Discharge check


Usinage grande vitesse tous métaux
Etude et réalisation de filières de pultrusion / composite
Réalisation complète d'un tambour de broyage (verre/autres ...)


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