EUCLIDE Care has the technical savvy and state-of-the-art systems to serve as your trusted partner for contract manufacturing of precision-machined medical implants and surgical devices.

We provide an extensive array of medical manufacturing expertise from ISO 13485 & ISO9001 certified and FDA-registered facilities.

EUCLIDE Care has the precision manufacturing expertise, technology, and capacity to serve your needs. We specialize in the production of orthopaedic spinal, joint repair/reconstruction/replacement, surgical robotics components and medical devices up to titanium heart-pacemaker components.

Capabilities and services


As a world-class supplier of surgical instruments for leading orthopaedic medical device manufacturers, EUCLIDE care is equipped for the most demanding tolerances and complex geometries.

We offer a very broad range of manufacturing capabilities with deep experience in manufacturing orthopaedic devices. Our hallmark is combining various technologies to make complicated products. Manufacturing capabilities include swiss-style machining, CNC turning and 3 to 5 axis milling, wire and sinker EDM, grinding, laser marking, sandblasting, finishing, acid cleaning bath or ultrasonic, passivation and cleanroom assembly.

Raw Materials

Our fully validated facilities focus on the production of implantable medical devices. Sophisticated equipment and manufacturing processes enable us to efficiently manufacture a wide variety of implants and surgical instruments. We provide skilled machining and manufacturing of components and subassemblies from various materials like Titanium, Cobalt-Chrome, stainless steel of surgical quality, Tantalum, Nitinol as well as plastic materials like polyethylene, acetal, Teflon, natural PEEK or carbon PEEK.

Finishing – Quality Control – Tracing

Your team can count on us to be a reliable and experienced partner in all stages of your product lifecycle up to polishing, bead blasting, assembly, welding, laser marking, cleaning and passivation. We deploy our resources to meet your unique manufacturing and engineering needs.

Our experienced design & development team is available to assist in the development of custom-designed instruments or modifications to one of our standard instruments. Leverage our experts for the development of instrumentation for your next launch.

As your silent partner, EUCLIDE Care engineering and production professionals will work directly with your engineers to assist in development, quality and performance enhancements, as well as improved manufacturability and assembly. Whether it’s a new product you are trying to get to market or a long-term production item that needs updating

Our expertise

Usine Care
Machines à électro-érosion (fil, enfonçage ...)

Our ressources

Usine Care

  • 3100 m² (33350 square feet) of production facility with state-of-the-art CNC machines
  • Robotic finishing line
  • Automatic cleaning/passivation line
  • Average age of workforce: 35
  • Our employees continuously improve critical skill sets and integrate the quality discipline into everything we do.

Passion for Performance

Our commitment to integrity, innovation, and investment underpins our strong growth in both revenue and reputation. Our day-to-day approach is positive, engaging, and supportive. Our businesses and facilities operate with a high level of trust, transparency, and teamwork.  We rely on each other to meet our customers’ high standards for quality and timeliness, and to drive continuous improvement.

Machines à électro-érosion (fil, enfonçage ...)

Exceptional Quality - in the heart of our work

We provide an extensive array of medical manufacturing expertise from ISO 13485 & ISO9001 certified and FDA-registered facilities. Our expertise helps our customers accelerate the European MDR certification.

The quality of EUCLIDE Care orthopaedic manufacturing services is well established in the orthopaedic industry.

Validated special processes ensures repeatability, minimise inspection and reduce cost.

Our systems are mature, and we make up-front investments in quality assurance and validation to ensure that each product we manufacture meets the same high standards.

We’ve implemented robust quality procedures and practices to satisfy all quality requirements and customer specifications. Thanks to our decades of orthopaedic and implant experience, we know how to ensure the highest levels of quality for your orthopaedic, spine and sports medicine devices.

Mastery of our processes

Our strength lies within our extensive knowledge of the entire requirement set. We understand the market, the products, the medical device laws and regulations, and the customer requirements as well as the requirements of the products.


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Bring a new synergy to your precision machined component and product outsourcing needs. EUCLIDE Industrie combines the expertise of world-class contract manufacturers and expanding technologies to serve the medical, aerospace, defense, railway, energy and industrial markets.