EUCLIDE Vaillant

EUCLIDE Vaillant accompanies the development of its customers through the different stages of their projects, complying with the requirements of the targeted markets.

EUCLIDE Vaillant serves various high-demanding industries such as aeronautics, space, defense, naval, railway, energy and capital goods.

Our company manufactures and produces high-precision machined parts of all types of metals, including hard metals and complex alloys.

It also produces large-scale prototypes and high-value-added parts.

With its repair expertise, it is able to support its clients in their MRO business (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul).

Skills and services


The engineering department works upstream with customers to optimize the industrialization of each project.

Thanks to its partnership with the biggest companies in the aeronautics, defense and energy sectors, the teams have acquired experience and rigor in mastering the production processes of complex parts of very large dimensions.
They also support their customers in the development of complex and unique prototype parts.

The engineering teams prepare a complete technical file of machining that allows the production to guarantee the realization of the parts in compliance with the requirements of our customers.

Materials processed

EUCLIDE Vaillant works with various materials: light alloys, cast iron, stainless steel, Inconel, titanium.


• 2 workshops with controlled temperature
• 2 gantry milling machines 5 axes up to 8500 mm x 4000 mm x 1250 mm
• 6 5-axis milling centers up to 2500 mm3
• 13 vertical lathes up to 2800 mm diameter
• 3 horizontal lathes, milling machines, up to 2000 mm between tips
• 1 palletized vertical lathe with ultra-high-pressure machining

Finishing, control and traceability

The finishing sector includes surface finishing and polishing.

The air-conditioned control rooms are equipped with Three-dimensional Measuring Machines that allow detailes FAI and control reports.

Our expertise

Contrôle tridimensionnel
Fraisage à portique grande dimension 5 axes
Centre d'usinage 5 axes grandes dimensions


Business Unit VAILLANT de BRIVE - Euclide Industrie

Brive-la-Gaillarde plant (19)

It has a surface area of 2200 m² of air-conditioned workshops, with a lifting capacity of 12.5 tons.

Business Unit Euclide Vaillant à Veauche

Veauche plant (42)

It has a surface area of 3000 m², with a lifting capacity of 10T. This site machines hard metals small to large parts.

Our ressources

Centre d'usinage 5 axes grandes dimensions

  • An HR policy that promotes learning, training and builds the loyalty of our employees
  • ERP Sylob
  • CADM Siemens NX for design and programming
  • 1.5 M euros investment including a palletized vertical lathe with ultra-high-pressure machining (UHP)
  • € 9 M of annual sales in 2021

Passion for Performance

  • Organization in cross-functional projects team
  • Co-engineering capability
  • Quick document deliverables
  • FAI, industrial validation file, PPAP work
  • Continuous improvement of quick turnaround, at the service of our customers
  • Committed CSR approach

Fraisage à portique grande dimension 5 axes

Exceptional Quality - in the heart of our work

Our quality service is based on the following missions:

  • Development of new projects
  • Supplier quality
  • Process validation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Control
  • Metrology

Mastery of our processes

Order review Industrialization review 1st piece control Production control Discharge check


Usinage de précision - pièce moulée - réalisation mécanique complète - intégration procédés spéciaux secteur DEFENSE
Réalisation pièce aéronautique / spatial - tournage fraisage grande dimension - 3


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