Capital goods

With increasing time constraints, the capital goods sector requires high precision machining and short time manufacturing, adapted to the needs of each market player.

The synergy of design offices and manufacturing workshops, combined with the trades of boiler making and precision machining, allows us to produce assembly, machining, control or handling tools for all industries.

Our group is able to realize any size of capital goods from a few millimeters to several meters by integrating assembly and focus.

The multidisciplinary nature of EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE’s business lines and equipment – design, engineering, milling, boring, turning, electro-erosion wire and sinking, grinding and welding – allows the autonomous manufacturing of complex parts for the machine/tool markets, defense or aeronautics.

With this fully integrated production capacity, EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE provides a high level of responsiveness to meet the specific needs of each client.

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