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Tools – Maintenance

EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – COREMO now has strong skills in the study, manufacture and development of press tools: cutting and stamping tools, rubber and silicone injection molds, pultrusion pulleys for composite. They also performs press cutting for debugging, cadence and pre-production.

The complementarity with the activity of SECMIL makes it possible to propose the study and the realization of tools “turn-key”.

Tools – Maintenance


The study and manufacture of rubber injection molds are the historical activities of EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – COREMO. The development of state-of-the-art technology (no burrs, overmoulding, bi-components, multi-footprint, LSR) makes it possible to intervene for the automotive, sports and aerospace industries.

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Since the 1990s, EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – LAM and EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – COREMO have been widely recognized in the design and production of cutting and stamping tools. They offer a very wide range of solutions including tooling, Swiss-type tools, and multi-slide tools.

Customers, who have become partners with EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE, are present at the different stages of the tooling process: from the preliminary study project to the ramp-up of the tool in the cutting press, in our dedicated workshop.

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Following the resumption of the RTProfil activity, EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – COREMO has been offering since 2012 the study and manufacture tool, of pultrusion for Glass or Carbonne-filled composites. These high-precision tools combine a perfect mastery of tangential profile grinding, as well as surface coatings.

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The synergy of our design offices and our manufacturing workshops of EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – COREMO and EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – SECMIL combining the business of boiler-making and precision machining, allows the EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE group to produce tooling, assembly, machining, control or handling for the aerospace and defense industry.

Our dedicated teams work on site for the assembly and development of tools or the maintenance of industrial equipment.

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