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Aeronautics, aerospace and defense

Capacity, technical and quality certification EN 9100 group companies allow it to impose in the aeronautics, aerospace and defense, particularly through the production of parts airplane parts series.

Aeronautics, aerospace and defense

Aeronautics and Aerospace

EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE produces medium and large series for the Aeronautics and Space sector (1000 pieces / year). It produces 5 to 8 industrializations per week on medium-sized parts in hard metals. The production of parts and sub-assemblies, is governed by an internal quality process based on the EN 9100 standard. The air-conditioned control room is equipped with three-dimensional reading and scanning machines that provide detailed FAI and inspection reports.

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EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE assure la production de prototypes et de petites séries pour le secteur de la Défense.

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