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Founded in 1998, EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE - MECANAT Accuracy is specialized in machining of medium size products and in the full realization of industrial subassemblies.

In 2016, EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – MECANAT has adopted a new production of 2200m² air-conditioned workshops, with a lifting capacity of 12.5 tons allowing it to produce parts in small and medium series for the industrial sector and in large series for the aerospace industry (1000 pieces per year).

The machining means EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – MECANAT are composed of vertical lathes up to 2.5 m in diameter and machining centers 3, 4 and 5 axes and maximum 8.5mx 4m x 1,250m capacity.

Keys numbers

€6,3 M

in turnover

2200 m²



regular customers

Design office

Method et Industrialization

Project teams and service method / industrialization EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – MECANAT ensure the best optimized production costs for machining parts, in small and medium series. EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – MECANAT industrialized average of 5 projects per week on average and large pieces of hard metals.

Our method Technicians 6 / industrialization, are the privileged interlocutors of our customers (expertise, technical definition, programming, monitoring of cases …)

Our technical means