Technologies, with passion

Since 1980, EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE- LAM has been serving its customers in high-precision mechanics and cutting tools, with a full service of study, production, finishing and development.

Constantly investing in Research and Development as well as in recent technologies CFAO, production, finishing and control, EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – LAM relies on a young, competent and responsive team to serve demanding markets: medical, electronics, cosmetics, machine tool, the motor car.

In 1997, EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – LAM adopts a design office and offers it’s customers the manufacture and development of cutting tools.

In 2004, EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – LAM decides to put its precision engineering skills to the medical service sector, by investing heavily in 5-axis milling technology.

Since 2012 investments EUCLIDE INDUSTRY – LAM affecting new finishing trades: sandblasting, laser marking, cleaning and passivation.

Keys numbers

€5.5 M in turnover

3100 m² workshop

28 CNC machining machines



Mastered processes

  • IQ / QO / QP qualification of our processes
  • Validation of cleaning according to NFS 94-091
  • Passivation validation according to ASTM A967
  • Periodic evaluation of all our critical partners (heat treatment, electrolytic polishing, laser welding …)

Monitoring and control of the product throughout its production

  • production risks Identification from the first stages of industrialization (process risk analysis, implementation of monitoring plans)
  • Control and analysis of our measurement system (MSA)
  • Quality control at each stage of production (1st part control, self-check, final check, visual check)

Competent and qualified staff

Staff trained to good manufacturing practices, for medical devices manufacturing 

A “medical culture” taught upon the arrival of each employee in the company.

Compliance of batch files

Verification and validation of all batch files before archiving

Design office

Product evolution has of course changed EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – LAM and led it to develop a research and development activity that has become essential in the running of the company. The design of tools, assembly poles, control means … are some examples of the capacity and diversity of our design office, to manage all of your projects.

Our technical means