Technologies, with passion

EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE - COREMO was born in 2012 from the merger of four historical machining societies Limoges: BARRIERE Verneuil Machining, COREMO and RTProfil.

So COREMO includes the latest technologies HSC milling, erosion and rectify that develop all types of rubber molds, cutting tools / stamping but also all the precision machining capabilities required to achieve parts of the machine tool.

Obtaining in 2014 to EN 9100 certification EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – COREMO allowed to develop their skills on the machining of aerospace parts and tools for handling or assembly.

Keys numbers

€ 4

million in turnover

2400 m²

air-conditioned workshop


regular customers

Design office

The experience of the team and the quality of the machines of EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – COREMO with the latest techniques of UGV milling, erosion and grinding, allow to develop all types of rubber molds, cutting tools / press stamping or precision machining.

The desire for technical innovation, development and partnership, has led EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – COREMO to offer its know-how to its customers from the design phase of a project. EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – COREMO thus supports it’s customer, if necessary, throughout the development phase of a tool.

Business “Rubber / plastic mold” :

Direct injection / under BCR

Compression / compression transfer

Plastic / metal insert over-molding

Mold with disgorger or without burr

Business “Cutting / stamping tool” :


Manual / automatic transfer


Fine cutting

Business “Studies and Development – Control” :

Product evolution has of course changed EUCLIDE INDUSTRIE – COREMO and led it to develop a business study and development that has become essential today in the running of the company.

The design of molds, tools … are some examples of the capacity and diversity of our design office, to manage all of your projects.

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